Monday, January 21, 2013

A Cold Winter's Morning....

Good morning everyone... it is a cold one.  I'd like to get out and take a walk but do not like the cold.  It makes my aches and pains feel worse.  I am looking forward to spring and being able to rake and clean the yard.  This photo shows the beauty of winter...however, my yard does not.  The big dirty piles of snow from previous storms sit there like little pyramids.  It is just plain yucky.  Photography is a wonderful way to capture and enjoy passing beauty over and over again.  In this photo it was early morning over the river...a breath taking sight to behold.


  1. Beautiful picture. Says "Winter" for sure. Wishing for snow here in the South. Has been so warm thus far this winter. Take care and think "Spring". Have a great day

    1. Thank you Angela... I would send some snow your way if I could.
      Take care.