Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We offer items for sale on 
Facebook ~ Lish ~ and our Web Site
Every package is shipped out 
with a "Free Gift" tucked inside.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Looking forward to this weekend...

We are waiting on some special products to arrive at the shop.
Getting ready for spring...
 Stop in and let us know what you are looking for,
We can add it to our orders...

Haymakers Country Store ~ Our 1st Drawing

We decided to video tape our drawing so you could take part!
A Cold Winter's Morning....

Good morning everyone... it is a cold one.  I'd like to get out and take a walk but do not like the cold.  It makes my aches and pains feel worse.  I am looking forward to spring and being able to rake and clean the yard.  This photo shows the beauty of winter...however, my yard does not.  The big dirty piles of snow from previous storms sit there like little pyramids.  It is just plain yucky.  Photography is a wonderful way to capture and enjoy passing beauty over and over again.  In this photo it was early morning over the river...a breath taking sight to behold.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Over 2000 Likes on Facebook
We are getting our slips ready
for our first big drawing...
Next drawing will be when we meet our
next goal of 3500 Likes on facebook

Cutting and folding up the names... :)

We will keep all of your names in the pot 
until the next drawing when we add all our new likes!

Again we want to thank everyone for sharing and liking our page.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

2001 Likes on our Facebook Page

Time for our drawing!!!

Grand Prize winner will receive a basket of goodies from the shop... and we will post the winner and a picture of the prize.

5 runners up will also receive gifts...wish I could give one to all the people that helped me get to 2000 Likes.

Thank You Everyone

Next drawing will be at 3500 Likes

Please LIKE our page please!
Spring is right around the corner... 
And we are getting ready early this year!

This was a pic from last year before I took this room back!!!
Look how lovely it was.  I miss it, but how can you run a shop without a back room?
So it is what it is...  I think I may bring this table into the shop for spring.  I love this table, it is a wonderful rustic and rusty work bench that I got at a tag sale.  Most of my wonderful display items have been lucky finds and therefore I will not sell them.  Someday when I am able to be out and about finding these kinds of treasures I will consider selling... 

Some of our spring items from last year...
New things are on the way!

Good morning friends... 
I believe my cat is mimicking 
how I look and feel in the morning.
What do you think?  
Either that or she is on something...perhaps catnip.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Some of the items for sale at Haymakers Country Store

Well I did it...

Well I did it... I took the step to start another blog after much encouragement from others.  I intended to begin where I left off on my old blog...but it had disappeared, no it was there but I was unable to edit it any longer.  I must have abandoned it for far too long.

I am not much of a blogger.  I do not have too much to say.  I have a lot on my plate and will try to share that with you if any of it deems interesting enough.

I own a gift shop, homeschool my children, love photography, have a dollhouse, create and design many things, build and repair things, plant and reap.... I am a Christian that sometimes feels I am holding the devil's hand...not good.  I am a good person.  I have 5 children.  I am a jack of all trades and a master of none.

I work very hard on my shop and the blog is intended as another tool to promote it.  I work very hard and long hours promoting my shop on a shoe string.  I do not have an abundance of money to invest in my business, let me correct that...I have invested a ton of money in my business already, and don't have tons of ready funds like some may have.  I don't have business debt in the thousands, so that is good.  However, I have to work harder to create an interesting shop with new products.  I don't have any outstanding business debt at all mind you.

Thanks to my husband and his generosity, I am able to stay home, school my children and have my own business.  It has not always been easy to be home like some women may think.  When you are home and your husband has to work multiple jobs to enable you to be then you end up doing his jobs at home as well and are alone to raise the kids.  There is much to do when you stay at home and raise children.  When you add on homeschooling and a business it can get a bit crazy at times.

I don't have much fun time, down time or even time to do what I want to do for the business or in my home.  There are always so many life interruptions here.  So much to do all the time.  I will never be bored.

I spend a lot of time on facebook mainly because of my shop.  I have met quite a few wonderful women, however I do not put the time in to cultivate any relationship online or off.  I spend most of my time busy or with my mama who is 84 and will not be here forever... I do get lonely sometimes for friends but I get over it pretty quickly.

Like I said before... I don't have much to say but I am going to try to make this blog interesting for you.